Baby's in the kitchen cooking

Breeze is humming through the blinds

Sun's coming up, there's a cloud in the sky

And I got a little something I want to get off my mind

So many people get lonesome when they hear the whippoorwill's cry

And sometime I'm so lonesome I just want to fly 

Well, little whippoorwill you know you're a friend of mine

Trouble down in the Gulf Coast

And trouble in the Middle-East 

Tell me honey, what's it say for you and me?

All the blood in the sand 

And oil in the deep blue sea

I want to walk down by the river and cast my little line

Where the fish are jumping in the evening light

And by the time the sun goes down 

They'll all be mine

Summertime in Nebraska 

Don't it make it feel alright?

Thunderstorms, sweet corn, 

The fourth of July

And we make the most -

Because the winter is always on time


(c) 2014

Matt Cox/ASCAP 




The new album High Places set to be released 4/20/18!

Matt Cox

Six-time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award winner for Best Country/Americana and Best Blues. The caliber of artist that singer/songwriter Matt Cox has become in the studio and on stage is being widely recognized by a steady growing fanbase. Cox continues to perform across the country as a solo artist, and with an ever-changing lineup of the area’s top talent.

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