Ungodly Creatures



I've seen Ungodly Creatures

Starve and kill their fellow man

For the color of their skin

For the religion they believe in 

But I was raised to fear Jesus

And respect my government 

Obey every command

You'll get sent up

Straight to heaven

But if I could have my own opinion

I'd shout it from the highest mountain

You can believe what you want to believe in 

I just don't trust some superstitions

I don't need to find salvation

No, I found my own, Lord

In the valleys and the canyons

In the fields and the shores

There's a beauty that's all around us

You don't really gotta look too hard

It's in the changing of the weather

It's in your very own backyard

Some places can get a little ugly

But I ain't gonna discriminate

Because, we should all help one another 

And make the Earth a better place

We'll give her a brand new name

And the attention that she deserves

And we'll all become one family

Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers


(c) 2011 

Matt Cox/ASCAP


The new album High Places set to be released 4/20/18!

Matt Cox

Six-time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award winner for Best Country/Americana and Best Blues. The caliber of artist that singer/songwriter Matt Cox has become in the studio and on stage is being widely recognized by a steady growing fanbase. Cox continues to perform across the country as a solo artist, and with an ever-changing lineup of the area’s top talent.

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