Two Weeks Notice



I don't wanna go to work

I don't wanna scrub no floor

I don't wanna sweat in no kitchen

No, not from ten to four

Don't ya give me no orders

I ain't cookin' no more


This ol-darn day job

It's getting mighty old

Now don't you tell me winter's coming

I can feel the air getting cold

It makes me feel like sleeping

And not doing what I'm told


They say that money won't buy you love

It won't buy you forgiveness from the powers above

It's a sad situation

Some can't find enough

And some haven't got one penny

When push comes to shove


I'm pouring out my whiskey

I'm throwing out my cigs

I'm tired of this living

And the whole darn gig

I don't want no guarantees

I don't wan to make it big


I want to unpack my suitcase

And settle in from the ride

With my little lady and a new place to hide

It's smaller than your kitchen 

And it's whole-world wide


I just want you to know 

I want you to understand

I got love for you woman 

As strong as any man's 

And when we grow old 

And if the good Lord does allow

We'll smile and remember 

How we are now


(c) 2014

Matt Cox/ASCAP

Matt Cox

Six-time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award winner for Best Country/Americana and Best Blues. The caliber of artist that singer/songwriter Matt Cox has become in the studio and on stage is being widely recognized by a steady growing fanbase. Cox continues to perform across the country as a solo artist, and with an ever-changing lineup of the area’s top talent.

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